BR Beach Marathon: Week 7

So for some reason I thought I only ran 98 miles in September and was bummed to miss 100 by just 2, but when I checked today on DailyMile, it turns out I actually ran 102.25! Boom!

dailymile 9.2012

Today I ordered this beauty:


I didn’t think I was going to be able to replace my messed up Garmin Forerunner 305 any time soon because of budgetary reasons, but my sweet mother stepped in and made it possible for me get this now! I got overnight shipping so it should come in tomorrow! THANK YOU MOM!!! Love you!!! Smile

Week 7:

Thursday, Ran 4.1 miles, 42 minutes

9.27 4 miles

I did this run Garmin-free, and I estimated the time based on the songs in my playlist that had played, and I estimated my distance thanks to having run the same route hundreds of times and basically knowing the mileage of the park and some of its inner paths.


Ran 4 miles (Treadmill), 41 minutes

45 Leg Presses

It rained and poured all weekend, so I considered the possibility that I’d have to do my long run – 13 miles – on the treadmill (horrors). I went to the gym Saturday morning not really mentally prepared to do that, so I ended up just running 4 miles (while watching some of “No Country For Old Men” on the TV, such a disturbing movie). I kind of hoped the rain forecast for Sunday would magically disappear so I could do my long run outside.

After the run I did the seated leg press machine – this is my favorite weight machine, I think. It works glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves!


Ran 10 miles (Treadmill), 1:42:30

45 bicep curls (10 pound dumbbells)

45 tricep curls (weight machine, 60 pounds)

The rain did not stop, so I hesitantly headed back to the gym Sunday for more treadmill work. I didn’t get my scheduled 13 in, but I did double digits and was happy for that. I am weirdly sore after this run, I think it might have to do with putting the treadmill on an incline and also just kind of running differently on a treadmill than I do on the road.

FIrst, I did 5.75 in an hour, and the treadmill resets after that. So then I did 1.25 more to get to 7 miles. I was going to quit after this, and headed to the weight room to do bicep and tricep curls. While doing those weights, I started thinking that there was no reason I couldn’t do 3 more miles to get to 10. I had been enjoying watching “Say Yes to the Dress” and some ESPN, so 30 more minutes of that would be bearable.

So I headed back to the treadmill and did 3 more!

For Week 8 I am scheduled to run 33 miles; my goal is to actually do that. My training has really been slacking this entire time, and while I hate to admit that my heart is not quite as into this marathon cycle as it was last year, I am still no quitter and really want to successfully complete this marathon on December 1. So I will press on and aim to get all my training runs in, no slacking off further.

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