BR Beach Marathon: Week 8

Wednesday, Ran 8 miles, 1:18:30

I went running after work Wednesday and got to use my new Garmin for the first time. I did not feel my best during this run, but considering my lackluster paces lately, getting in under 10:00/miles for 8 miles was a good improvement. It’s getting darker a little earlier these days, with DST right around the corner.



Thursday, Ran 2 miles, 19:28

I had to work late Thursday night so I decided to run before work. Only got in 2 miles, and it was super humid and warm, but better than nothing. I am not a fan of running before work.



Saturday, Ran 17 miles, 3:03:56

We went up to North Louisiana for the weekend where they were experiencing a glorious cold front. While Baton Rouge maintained temps around 86, it was in the low 50s when I headed out for my run in Shreveport on Saturday morning.


When I first got ready to run, it felt so cold that I put a jacket on. But after running about a half-mile, I knew it would get too warm so I turned around, brought the jacket back to my car, and started again. The path I took first was about 3.25 miles, so 6.5 round trip, but my added jacket trip brought me to about 8 miles when I came back around. I took a Powerade break that probably lasted a minute too long because I could feel my body temperature coming down. This made it quite chilly again when I got started back up.

At 8.5 miles, I really wanted to quit. Just skip the Dec.1 marathon so I can put off these longer runs a little while, just do the January 20 marathon by itself (rather than both). But I kept on running, and after about two miles I felt better again. I did the same loop a second time and was at 15 miles when I got back to my car again.

The path had several hills and climbs which made it a little more difficult – but I can’t complain too much. My IT band was a bit tight and I stopped to stretch a few times.

The last 2 miles were slow and painful, but I did them!

oct 6


My playlist was perfectly timed, as the very last song played as I finished my run. It happened to be “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys and was the perfect ending to a hard run! I wanted to throw up my hands in victory as I ran back to my car and the chorus played…but I refrained because of the guys skateboarding nearby who likely would have thought me crazy.


You can see the little stickers all in my shoes- at one point I looked down and there was one sticking in my ankle!

I was not expecting it to be so cold in North Louisiana, so for our Saturday night plans (an Al Green concert!) I went and bought a sweater and boots from Target to pair with the dress I brought for the occasion. I hadn’t brought a sweater at all and only heels! It was windy and freezing even though we were only outside for walking to and from the car, the new apparel was worth it.



At the concert


Ran 2.5 Miles, 23:30

Walked 2 miles (cumulative – from car to Superdome and back for the Saints game!)

So I forced myself to go run Sunday morning before our long trip home, even though my quads were super sore and I REALLY didn’t feel like it. I managed 2.5 miles, so lame, but better than nothing.



Instead of smiling for the camera, Brees decided to rub his face against my hat.

So, every time we go to a Saints game in New Orleans, we park super far away and walk because it’s free and we are hardcore and stuff like that. So since I have a much smaller Garmin now, I decided to wear it on the walk from the car to the Superdome and see how long it took us. I kept it going until we got to the security line.


It’s basically a mile, which kind of surprised me. Double it up and we walked about 2 miles to and from the Dome. Nice little extra exercise there Winking smile

Oh, and the Saints FINALLY won. It was like we won the Super Bowl, seriously!


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