BR Beach Marathon: Weeks 9-10

Week 9

Wednesday, October 10

Ran 4 miles

Oct 10


I heard about the Miles for Mokie movement and was really moved to participate. Running blogger Monika was in the midst of marathon training when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor last month, and post surgery she will be unable to run for a number of weeks. It’s so easy to take for granted your health and ability to run. I only took a picture with the sign this day, but I’ve thought about her during many of my runs and am dedicating all of my miles from October 8-28 to her.

Saturday, October 13

Ran 12 miles



Oct 13

Oct 13 (2)

This was supposed to be an 18-mile long run, and I was very disappointed to cut it short. Basically I waited too late in the morning to start, we still have some very warm and humid weather down here, and I was probably a little dehydrated. At 11-point-something miles I stopped and got very light-headed. I finished out what I needed to get to 12, then walked back to my car just feeling sick.

(Reason for 2 Garmin screens: After running 9.27 miles I took a break and had to re-apply sunscreen because I had sweated it all off. I guess I took too long and my Garmin auto-saved the run. So I had to start over at 0.00).

Sunday, October 14

Ran 4 miles

District 12-20121014-01288

Oct 14

I stayed up very late (1:30ish) Saturday night watching my alma mater play an amazing football game that they ultimately lost by 2 points. As a result, I wasn’t able to get up and run early like I planned. So later in the day, I went to the gym and did the treadmill (not sure why there is a mirror behind the row of treadmills. If I had eyes in the back of my head, I wouldn’t want to watch my butt while I run). I’ve found that the treadmill is slightly more bearable to me after doing 10 on it a few weeks ago. I flipped between football and Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Week 10

Wednesday, October 17

Ran 3 miles


Oct 17

My thing lately has been to do my first run of the week on Wednesdays. I got in 3, much quicker than what I’ve been running lately, and was sweating thanks to the humidity. It’s been getting darker earlier these days, and pretty soon it will be almost dark by the time I get off work each day.

Sunday, October 21

Ran 20 miles


Oct 21

Possibly the ugliest run I’ve ever experienced, my plan to stick with running the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon hinged on whether or not I could do this 20-miler. As you can see, I only ran one other time this past week, and after my failed long run the week prior, I was starting to think maybe I’m not cut out to do this marathon.

Training began in August and this weather is just not desirable for lots of running – except for people who love treadmills or people with discipline to get up extra early before it gets too hot (or people who are just stronger than me and suck it up). I’ve not been the most disciplined person lately, obviously. And I felt that my lack of training and inability to handle the heat and schedule thus far might mean this just isn’t in the cards for me.

I am slightly encouraged that I finished the 20-miler and didn’t quit – so for mental stamina, I guess you can give me a gold star.

But physically, I was not prepared for this run, and that was displayed in my need to walk/run the last five miles. My legs were screaming, but it actually hurt more to walk than it did to run. What I needed the walk breaks for was my breathing – my lungs felt overworked and I had to walk every now and then to catch my breath. This was with me going at a very slow pace when I did run.

So obviously, my spotty training has led to me not having the endurance I’d like and my body – as of Sunday – is obviously not quite ready for a marathon.

What I will be doing the next few weeks is trying harder to meet my training schedule, doing two long runs of 18 and 15 miles, and then tackling 20 miles again on November 10. If that 20-miler doesn’t go much better than this one, I may just have to do the half for BR Beach and focus on solely doing the Louisiana Marathon on January 20.

If I put my mind to it and amp up my weekly mileage, I think the next 20–miler will go fine and I will feel more ready for the marathon. It will help a great deal if the temperature starts to drop more for me.

TL;DR version – my marathon hopes for Dec. 1 were revived today by my completion of 20 miles, but they are still touch and go until I can do 20 again in 3 weeks having a much better experience.


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