BR Beach Marathon: Week 11

This week went pretty well thanks to an 8-miler on Friday that saved me from totally flaking out on my overall mileage plan. If you asked me today, do I think I can run a decent (as in not miserable/walking for 10 miles/hating my life) marathon on December 1, I would say YES.

Tuesday, Ran 4 miles (38:23)

oct 23
Oct 23
oct 23 2
Oct 23

I got my husband to come and run with me for the first time in weeks, and thanks to lower temps he managed to keep me at a decent pace for 3.2 miles. I did the last 0.8 on my own, and met back up with him. He didn’t quite feel up to doing a full 4 miles. This summer, when I would drag him out to run with me in the 100 degree heat index, he would struggle so bad just to do 2 miles sometimes. A combo of not running for a long time and not being used to running in that heat always did him in. It’s funny that he is the one who got me to start running in the first place, but I have adopted it as a lifestyle really, while for him it’s very sporadic. I have gotten him to do two half marathons with me, but that’s probably the longest distance I’ll get out of him.

Friday, Ran 8 miles (1:18:26)

So my plan was to run 5 miles on Thursday and 3 on Friday, but then I didn’t do any on Thursday because I was out of town all day, and I was worried that I wouldn’t meet my 30-mile mileage goal this week because of that. I knew I had work on Saturday and had my 18-mile long run on Sunday, so the only realistic option was to do both runs combined on Friday after work.

It wasn’t ideal to go run 8 miles after a long day with my busy weekend in front of me, but I tried to make a fun playlist and just take it one mile at a time. It was cool but humid still, and I just made it a goal to stay under a 10:00-minute pace.

I did 4 miles around a park and the other 4 in a residential neighborhood, so changing it up helped as well. It was just getting dark as I finished.

oct 26
Oct 26
oct 26 2
Oct 26

Sunday, Ran 18.15 miles (3:06:54)

oct 28 2
Oct 28
oct 28
Oct 28

This run went about 1,000 times better than last Sunday’s 20-miler. We got a cold front in and it was about 48 degrees and windy when I left my apartment around 7:45 a.m. I think I did a better job of fueling in the two days leading up to this long run, making sure to have carb-centered dinners and such, and I had two pieces of peanut butter toast and one energy gel before the run.

The cold weather was the biggest difference though, and it made it so much easier. I didn’t have to walk; I was able to run the whole thing and felt pretty good doing it. My legs were a bit stiff and starting to ache as I did the last 3 miles, but I pushed through and finished strong.

It was a great way to finish the week of running and I am feeling even more optimistic about my marathon forecast.

Up next:

Another 30-mile week, then a 32-mile week including my 2nd 20-miler, then taper begins. The marathon is a month from Thursday. If I do these next two weeks pretty much to the T and have some strong runs, that will go a long way toward getting me ready to complete this marathon.


4 thoughts on “BR Beach Marathon: Week 11

  1. betybliss October 29, 2012 / 2:23 pm

    Good Job!! I think it is so much easier to run in the colder weather. I don’t love it but the heat is killer.

    • deepsouthrunner October 30, 2012 / 10:00 am

      It especially helps here because the humidity lessens so the air is less thick and it’s easier to breathe! I wonder how I would handle the dry heat you guys get out there out West! 😉

  2. Tara @ October 29, 2012 / 3:32 pm

    The cool weather was welcomed in Texas too. So nice to be able to run and not be drowning in your own sweat. Good job on the 18 miler. Your training looks like it’s going well.

    • deepsouthrunner October 30, 2012 / 10:01 am

      I know what you mean about drowning! Sometimes as I’m running I think sweat is just flying off of me in buckets and it’s so gross! Haha.

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