BR Beach Marathon: Week 12

Tuesday, Ran 3 – 9:14 pace

Running early in the week is key for me in order to get in all the miles I want. If I put it off, then I have to run a longer distance later to make up the miles I missed, and more often than not, the miles just are going to end up not done. So on Tuesday, though I had zero desire to run – especially after husband flaked out on me! – I went and did 3 miles just to get the week started.

Oct 30

Oct 30 2

Wednesday, Ran 5 – 8:59 pace

Got husband to come with me this time, and he did 3.2 with me and I did the remaining 1.8 while he waited in the car. The splits were something like:

  1. 9:38
  2. 9:08
  3. 8:58
  4. 8:57
  5. 8:22

The last mile, I trucked it for two reasons:

1) It was getting dark and I wanted to be done.

2) A group of about four guys and a girl were running in the way and I ended up speeding up just to pass them. Then I decided I couldn’t slow down and let them pass me back, so I kept up that faster pace until I got back to the car.

My Garmin rounded me up to a 9:00 pace but 44:59 comes in under exactly that so I’m taking my 8:59 pace THANKS!

Oct 31

Oct 31 2

Thursday, Ran 6 – 9:41 pace

Look at that smile! So glad to be done, especially considering I didn’t want to do it and wanted to quit midway through.

Nov 1 2

Nov 1

Saturday, Ran 15 – 10:25 pace

The weather was like 65ish degrees and 100 PERCENT HUMIDITY. So it was a very weird run, filled with lots of sweating but never feeling too overheated? I ran through LSU’s campus at 8 a.m. and there were already tons of people out tailgating for the Alabama game.

Nov 3 3

Nov 3

Sunday, Ran 2 – 9:05 pace

I just wanted to make sure I got to 30 miles, so I went Sunday evening and did two to bring my weekly total  to 31! Go me!

Nov 4 2

NOv 4


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