BR Beach Marathon: Week 13

In Lucky Week 13, I went for my highest mileage of the training cycle.

Of course, I got sick on Monday (Stomach bug sick – ew) and was unable to run until Wednesday when I felt better.

Wednesday, Ran 8 – 9:33 pace

I have run on a weekday morning prior to going to work one time in the past, and that was a 2-miler. Well, I decided that with the time change, and it getting dark at like 5:30, I needed to re-evaluate how to do these longer runs because I really do not like running in the dark for that long. I decided that I would go running before work, and just go into work later than I normally do. I have a flexible schedule so I am blessed to be able to do this.

I went out to the lakes around 7:20 and enjoyed some very cool weather for the 8 miles. I ended up loving getting the run done before work, and it was about the same compromise – I woke up at the same time I would have woken up to get ready for work, and I worked until about the time in the evening that I would have been getting done running.

Nov 7

Nov 7 2

Thursday, Ran 6 – 9:07 pace

I’m not sure where this run came from, except it was cold again and I went before work, but had to be at work by a certain time for an appointment, so I was inspired to go quicker than normal! I listened to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning on my iPod for the Wednesday and Thursday morning runs, and that seemed to make the runs go by fast.

Nov 8

NOV 8 2

Friday, Ran 3 – 8:55 pace

I almost didn’t do this run, but I really, really wanted to get to 40 miles this week and didn’t see how I would do it if I skipped running on Friday. So I sucked it up and did 3 miles!

Nov 9

Nov 9 2

Saturday: Ran 20 – 10:25 pace

So glad to have this behind me – but it wasn’t at all bad, especially compared to my first disastrous 20-miler three weeks ago! The cold weather of Wednesday-Thursday morning was gone, but there was a nice breeze at times and I don’t think the humidity was as bad as it’s been lately. I was getting that thick saliva feeling in my mouth starting around 16 miles, but I took lots of water breaks so I guess I didn’t hydrate as well as  I could have leading up to Saturday. It was LSU’s homecoming game so there were a million people walking around the LSU campus area where I typically run. It made for a lot of weaving around.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with the way I’ve been able to rebound after cutting short THREE long runs – first, the 14.5 miler that was supposed to be 15 but my Garmin died; a 13-miler that got cut short to 10 miles on the treadmill because it stormed all weekend; and the 18-miler that got cut to a 12-miler because I got light-headed. Since the horrible 18-turned-12 miler, I’ve done 20 miles, 18 miles, 15 miles, and now 20 miles again!

Nov 10 2

Nov 10

Sunday, Ran 3 miles – 9:23 pace

I was really surprised at how good my legs felt Sunday after the 20-miler! I had taken a 15-minute ice bath right after the run, wore compression socks for the rest of the day, wore ice packs on my knees for an additional 20 minutes that night, and it all apparently paid off. My legs felt a little heavy during this run, but not sore at all.




So I nailed it with a weekly total of 40 miles! With Week 14, the decline begins… I’m aiming for 27 miles this week. I feel really good after this last week went so well!


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