BR Beach Marathon: Week 14

Check out my photos – apparently this was the week of posing with my hand on my hip. Didn’t even realize I did it in every picture until now. I guess that’s my go-to pose these days.

So tapering started this week somewhat, and I am down 17 miles from what I did last week.

Tuesday; Ran 2.15 miles, 9:00 pace

My euphoria experienced last week in my morning runs was easily forgotten this week when I woke up Tuesday morning and decided I just couldn’t do it. So instead, I ran in the dark after work, a very quick run because it was creepy.

Nov 13 2

Nov 13

Wednesday: Ran 3 miles, 8:47 pace

Same deal on Wednesday, planned to run in the morning but was just too tired. This time I ran a little more in the dark, but I felt pretty safe because I was running around a park where there were soccer games going on, and I stayed on the sidewalk so that passing traffic was in sight but not anywhere near me.

Nov 14 2

Nov 14

Friday: Ran 3 miles, 8:43 pace

Finally got up Friday morning and ran before work, hitting a little more than 3 miles in my fastest pace of the week.

Nov 16 2

Nov 16

Sunday, Ran 15, 9:54 pace

I was under the impression that it would be very cold, especially out by the lakes where there’s typically more of a breeze coming off the water. The weatherman said it wouldn’t even reach 52 degrees until 9 a.m., but that was a lie. I overdressed and thus was pretty warm for most of this run, but thanks to the breeze that did exist, I wasn’t too hot.

The first 10 miles of this felt kind of easy, I even thought that at one point – “This is easy!” Of course, that’s about the time things started going south. I got a horrible side-stitch around mile 11 that I ran through rather than stopping, and it mercifully receded after about three minutes. Then I started feeling like my heart-rate was too high and it was hard to keep my breath, so I had to slow down a lot the last three miles.

But, I finished, and I am two weeks away from my December 1st marathon, and I think it is going to be fine.

My marathon goal is to PR – first marathon time was 4:40:16. We’ll see – if I don’t, I will be disappointed, but just finishing is a big accomplishment and all I can ask for after my weird training, most of it in horrible heat and humidity.

Nov 18 2

Nov 18

TOTAL: 23.26 miles

Next week – 21 miles planned, with a 10-mile long run that I will do in the form of a local race called Goldenfliers. It will be my third year in a row doing this race – I love it, the course, the weather, the swag, the after-race food. I’m so pleased it fit perfectly into my training plan.

One thought on “BR Beach Marathon: Week 14

  1. Nancy November 19, 2012 / 6:13 pm

    Haha..I see where Lauren gets her “hands on hips” poses…

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