BR Beach Marathon: Week 15

Wow, last full week before Marathon Week commences… I am starting to get a little anxious!

Wednesday, Ran 3 miles, 9:28 pace

Got in a quick run after a shortened day of work before we headed out of town for Thanksgiving. Such a pretty day, but also pretty warm. I did this with my husband and he was done at about 2 miles.

nov 21 2

nov 21

Thursday, Ran 6 miles, 9:35 pace

We decided not to do any official Thanksgiving Day race this year, because last year’s was so congested and my husband really doesn’t appreciate waking up before 9 a.m.

Instead, I set off on my own for 6 miles through a few subdivisions in my hometown. I got a horrible side stitch reminiscent of the one I got during my 15-miler on Sunday – the only cause I can think of is dehydration. I haven’t been drinking water like I should lately.

Still, I pushed through and got it done. So glad I burned those 565 calories. Pretty sure I then went and ate about 3,000 calories with all the Thanksgiving food. I was so over-full, but it was good!

nov 22

nov 22 2

Saturday, Ran 10 miles, 9:22 pace

I decided to do my last long run in the form of a race, which is a favorite race I’ve now done three years in a row. Long story short, I planned to run this one slow and just try to keep under a 10-minute pace, but I was feeling really good the second half and ended up finishing it out much faster than expected.

nov 24 2

nov 24

One thought on “BR Beach Marathon: Week 15

  1. betybliss November 26, 2012 / 1:35 pm

    You’re going to do awesome!!

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