Goldenfliers 10-Mile Race Recap

This race took place on a beautiful day with beautiful weather, and it was perfect for a PR. Now, I’ve only done one 10-mile race before – this same one a year ago – and I was sick that day, and I also ran 3 miles before the race started because I had 13 planned for my training schedule. So PRing this year wasn’t that big of a challenge, but regardless, not only did I PR, I improved my pace by about 36 seconds per mile.

There was never really a point during the race where I felt like I was going to die or wanted to stop and walk. I’ve run double digits every weekend since September 15, but never at this pace, and usually with a few breaks thrown in (not just 10-second stops at the water tables). And yet I felt great. Had a few weird pangs here and there in my left upper hamstring and my left IT band (which was giving me trouble in my 15-miler a week ago), but all aches went away and overall it was pain-free.








The past two years, we got this nice thick drinking glass when you picked up your packet, but this year you didn’t get it until you crossed the finish line.


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