Marathon Decisions

I’ve spent the last 9 days since my marathon not doing one single active thing. My soreness was gone pretty quickly, to my surprise – I was still really hurting on Sunday (mostly my QUADS), but by Monday I was almost back to normal. Now after more than a week of not running and eating whatever, I feel like junk. So I am getting back to running this week, but my main question is:

Am I running the Louisiana Marathon on January 20?


When I first pondered the idea of running two marathons this fall/winter, I thought my first marathon would be a PR and then I’d basically run the 2nd marathon for “fun” (ha!)

Well, my first marathon didn’t turn out to be a PR. I think what I learned through this training cycle is to never do a marathon in South Louisiana before January again…

So now, if I want to do the marathon on January 20, I want to PR. I don’t want to do it just to finish, because I feel like my last marathon turned into “just finishing.” But I don’t know if I have anything left in me mentally and emotionally to try again so soon. I am still feeling a little burned out, and the thought of going back to weekly long runs and feeling beholden to a schedule bugs me a little.

And yet, if I skip this, it will be at least a year until I can really do another marathon again (unless I plan to do one out of state where it’s cooler, but we really don’t have the finances for traveling right now).

And who knows where I’ll be a year from now? So I am leaning towards at least beginning the training plan for multiple marathons that I found, and seeing how it feels. If I’m into the plan and it’s just too much, no pressure to go on because I did do one marathon already.

So with 6 weeks until the Louisiana Marathon, I would be following a training plan something like this:

multiple marathon plan

I am not sure about there not being any runs 18-20 miles long – I may turn that 14-miler into an 18- or 20-miler because it will be seven weeks between marathons and staying under 16 miles that whole time period just doesn’t seem beneficial.

Thankfully Monday is a rest day because it is pouring down raining. No running today. It all begins again tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes!

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