2012 Top Five

1) Hunter’s graduation from law school and passing of the Louisiana State Bar Exam

Hunter’s time in law school was a journey for both of us, and it felt so great to first, see him walk across the stage at his graduation in May, and second, see his name on the list of people who’d passed the Bar Exam in October.


2) New Car!

We’ve needed a new car for awhile, and as a graduation gift, Hunter’s dad decided to buy us a new car. We picked up the 2012 Honda Civic on December 31, making it count as a 2012 top moment!


3) Trips to Illinois and Washington DC/Philadelphia

I love traveling so much, and was blessed to go on two faraway trips in the spring. First, to visit my brother in Illinois, which included quick trips into Wisconsin and Chicago. Second, a planned vacation to visit my cousin in DC with a two-day side trip to Philadelphia. Traveling and exploring makes me so happy.


100_3499 1

4) Running 2 marathons

One in January, one in December. There was a time when I was sure I’d NEVER run a marathon, so to have trained for and run two in the past year boggles my mind. I am sure #3 will happen in 2013.



5) Rediscovering reading and writing

I never stopped reading, but I feel like I rediscovered it in 2012, thanks in part to my Kindle which made it super easy to download (and buy buy buy) books quickly. I joined Goodreads and by my tally there, I read about 55 books in 2012. Writing is something I’d gotten away from big time, and in 2012 I wrote a lot, mainly for myself. No one may ever read what I wrote, but I enjoyed it so much and was so happy to get back into that interest.

2012 Mileage: 818 – 39 miles more than 2011!



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