Still a runner


The last 7 months have been good and hard at the same time. After my marathon on December 1, I was very burned out, disappointed by my marathon time, and ready to take a little break from running. Two weeks after the marathon, my husband got a new job in another town 3.5 hours away from Baton Rouge, and that kind of turned our lives upside down. So while I still ran here or there, I was definitely not being consistent with it and my mileage and endurance went way down. I ran a race for the first time in 2013 on April 20, whereas the past two years, by late April I probably had done about 5+ races. My heart just wasn’t in it at the time, with the combination of life changes and running burnout. But The Color Run sounded like fun, and I wanted to break my race fast, so we did it and it was fine. Not my favorite – the powder got in my eye which, combined with sweat, wasn’t too pleasant. I didn’t wear a Garmin and there was no race clock, but it felt like a good, hard workout, which, considering I hadn’t been running very often, didn’t take too much.



May brought more changes when I got a new job near my husband’s, and we moved into a new apartment. I had to figure out, when I had the motivation, new places to go running and how to get myself in gear again.

I am still figuring it out. We did another 5K in late June, which was okay. My time wasn’t great, but that is to be expected considering my paltry running. It was in conjunction with a Watermelon Festival being held that weekend, and it was a small race.




Next up, we have a “Light up the Night” 5K next Friday evening, and it begins at about 8:45 p.m. which should be interesting! I’ve done a couple of evening races, but I think the latest they started was around 6:30 or 7.

Lately, I’ve been running 2-3 miles at the most, but I’ve been running consistently which is important. I joined a challenge on Daily Mile to run 30 miles in July – lame compared to mileage I have put up in the past, but at this point it is just a step in the right direction.

I would like to build up my mileage again so that if I want to run a marathon in the fall/winter, it won’t be a ridiculous feat for me to tackle. I am thinking if I do one, it would be more like January/February, although if I go up a little further north (like Dallas – ha! That’s north enough to have cooler weather than here), I could possibly do one in December and not feel like the weather could be a hindrance like last time. We’ll see! One thing at a time.


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