My Year off of Running

My year off of running is over.

I started out 2013 with no plans on severely curbing off my running habit. It just happened. I had run a marathon December 1, 2012, a very tough race that left me in tears because of how disappointed I was in my performance and in my training. I was burned out, mentally and physically and emotionally. On the heels of the marathon came a huge life change – my husband got a new job in a city almost three hours away from our location. He moved almost immediately, while I stayed behind, planning to look for a job in our new city while I continued to work in the old one. A new job was not found so easily. While I could have used the alone time I had each evening, thanks to my new long-distance marriage, to go running, instead I sunk into a lethargic routine of coming straight home, reading, being lazy. I felt in complete limbo, so it was almost impossible to set any goals or see any future plans through, as I was never quite sure where I was going to be in the foreseeable future.

I finally got a new job in May, and the packing and moving that came with it, along with stress, adjusting to a new place, and learning that the new place didn’t have a plethora of running trails for me to take advantage of. This move also came along with the beginning of summer, and the heat meant it wasn’t going to be easy to run, much less to get used to new running paths and rebuild my conditioning. I continued to flounder. I actually got back into somewhat of a groove in July and August, but backtracked as fall began.

I thought I’d plan to do a half marathon in December and get back on track that way, but I procrastinated signing up, slacked off training, and the race day came and went.

I have verbally committed to doing a half marathon on February 2, and a burst of motivation plus my husband’s plans to be in BR the weekend of January 18-19 have spurred me on to also do the Louisiana Half Marathon Jan. 19. If I have to walk some of it, I don’t care – I will do it and I will finish and I will love it.

I want to start 2014 off on a completely different foot in order to set the tone for what I hope will be a much more active year.

Despite the fact that running options here are still limited, and despite the fact that I still love reading and laying in bed more than being vertical, I want to get back to where I was before – running makes me feel accomplished and clears my mind and relinquishes some of my stress. It is something I have that I should do while I can – you never know when you won’t be able to run anymore due to bad knees or sickness or whoever knows what else. I’ve wasted a year and don’t want to waste any more time.

My year off of running is over.

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