Pie Run 10K Race Recap

This is a belated race recap for a 10K I did November 9, 2013, at a time when I thought I was going to do a half marathon in early December. The most I had run by this time in the past month was only 7 miles, and I thought I’d try to do the 10K and keep going up from there. I didn’t end up doing a half marathon in December, but I just did one yesterday, so I can write this recap now not feeling too much of a failure.


This was a really great race that I enjoyed thoroughly. The race benefited a local school in Shreveport, but the selling point for me was that an entry came with a piece of Strawn’s pie afterwards. They are famous for their pie, and so I circled this on my calendar last summer when I first heard of it.

I got my husband to come run with me, as he too likes pie. He took this photo of me before the race started:

ImageThe race itself was non-eventful – there was a 5K too, so the race course was just a loop and the 10Kers did it twice. I never bothered to look up my chip time until this very moment: 1:01:50.

When we finished, we got pieces of strawberry pie and they also had Starbucks coffee and sweetener and creamer! It was my dream come true!

We sat down on the curb to eat, and after that, headed home.

ImageWill definitely do it again next year if my schedule allows!


One thought on “Pie Run 10K Race Recap

  1. […] Anyway, we have been in Shreveport this past weekend and I got inspired to look up some upcoming races here since it is only a 2.5 hour drive and will provide a change in scenery for some of my training runs. I ended up signing up and paying for two races that fall on the same weekend Nov. 15-16, a 10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. According to my plan, I would run 17 miles that weekend, so what I’d probably do is add 4 miles before or after the half marathon that Sunday. The reason I am doing both is because I LOVED the 10K last year – it comes with pie at the end! […]

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