Chamber of Commerce 5K recap

This was a race I didn’t know much about and hadn’t really planned on doing, but the week leading up to it I read about and decided I might go and register the morning of if I felt up to it. That Saturday morning, I did manage to get my lazy self up and out to the site, where there were very few people out. I registered extremely easily, got this lime green race T-shirt and my bib, and decided to go hang out in my car for a little bit because it was very windy.


When we all gathered for the start line, there were maybe 20-25 participants. I was surprised at how tiny the race was! The race started and it was a jaunt beginning downtown and into an adjacent neighborhood, up to a local park for a loop on the running path there, then back the way we came to return downtown. I started out pretty steady, but after passing some ladies I decided to try and keep up the pace so they wouldn’t catch me. Because there were so few participants, we all got really spread out and I focused on keeping the next person ahead of me in sight so that I wouldn’t get lost or take a wrong turn. The course was marked with signs, but I was worried I’d miss one.

I knew I was the 2nd female and the third wasn’t really close behind (and I had no chance of catching up to the first female), but I wasn’t sure how they would break down awards. If they just gave awards for first place female and then first in my age group, I didn’t know if the first female was also in my age group and would just get both.

After crossing the finish as 2nd female, I got a couple of mini Gatorades and a banana and waited for the race to kind of finish up. Normally I don’t hang around too long after races, but I figured I might have won something, so in this instance, I stayed. There was also pizza provided, which I didn’t think I could stomach, and then they told us to raid this table of freebies, so I did. These included water bottles, pens, sunglasses, pedometers and other random stuff. Pretty good deal.


When they announced the awards, it turned out they didn’t give out age group awards. Instead they recognized first and second male and female, youngest finisher and oldest finisher. So I got a medal as 2nd female! Pretty exciting and the first time I’d won anything at a race in a couple of years. Granted, I only place in very small races 😉

2nd place

I really do tend to enjoy small races more. You don’t have to fight for room on the course, parking is simple, bib pickup is simple, and I even win something sometimes!



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