September Goals


I have not committed to any other races except for the mud run I am doing this Saturday (and I am scared/excited for that one!) It’s hard to know my schedule ahead of time because my workflow changes so much. But I do know I am going to a Florida wedding in two weeks and that I pretty much can’t leave town until late October after that due to church commitments, so I am pretty sure the mud run will be the second and last race of the month.

Despite that, I have my eye on a half marathon in either November or December, so I want to start working up to that distance again, and be able to run for a possible PR. That means I need to start building up my base again and then work on speed thereafter. I have not run more than 30 miles in a month since February, so this will be a big challenge, but my goal in September is to run 50 miles. I want to get up to a 7 or 8-mile run by the end of the month. Then I plan to run several double-digit runs in October.

I also want to be able to incorporate some other types of workouts besides running, such as on my spin bike, and yoga workouts on Netflix or DVD. Upper body and ab workouts are also needed. Here is my tentative weekly workout plan for the month:

– 4 runs a week

– 1 yoga workout

– 3 upper body workouts

– 3 ab workouts

– at least 1 full rest day

– 50 miles for the month

– a 7 or 8 mile run by the end of the month

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