Warrior Swamp Mud Run Race Recap

Mud Run CollageI participated in my first obstacle mud run this past Saturday and it was a blast! I really needed to do something that involved running and yet still felt just purely fun. I’ve done runs before that involved lots of mud and even running through water before, but never this muddy or with obstacles.

I had to drive about 40 minutes to get to the race site, and once there I checked in and got my bib, surveyed the land, etc. The only refreshments were vendors set up to sell food and drink items after the race, but I couldn’t complain because the race was free!

IMG_6306 IMG_6309 IMG_6310 IMG_6313The obstacles included climbing through tunnels, climbing over a wall and jumping into neck-high water, crawling in mud underneath wires, monkey bars and rope swings over pits of water, and more.

I got to run with a few other girls, one who is one of my good friends that I’ve made since moving here due to our shared profession, and she and I stayed together the whole time. She kept saying I kept her going! That’s nice 🙂

10471223_10153165603483242_1532802559639797210_o (2)Overall this was just a fun event. It wasn’t timed but it took us at least 45 minutes. The finish through a very long, muddy water pit was hilarious and unexpected. I loved it.


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