19 miles in 10 days…

Earlier this month, I made several goals, most of which have been hit or miss, but the two main goals that I really wanted to accomplish were:

– 50 miles for the month

– a 7 or 8 mile run by the end of the month

Well, I managed the 2nd one today, and it took every ounce of motivation for me to do so. Temps weren’t too bad but the humidity was its normal self and I was drenched in sweat after one mile.

9-20 runAs for the first goal, as of today I have run 31 miles so far. With 10 days remaining in September, that means I need to run 19 miles in that amount of time. Here is my preliminary plan to get this done, which would actually put me above my 50 mile goal:

Sunday, Sept. 21 – 2 miles recovery

Monday – REST

Tuesday, Sept. 23 – 3 miles

Sept. 24 – REST

Thursday, Sept. 25 – 4 miles

Friday, Sept. 26 – 6 miles

Saturday, Sept. 27 – 3 miles recovery

Sept. 28 – REST (This might be switched with Saturday depending on work)

Monday, Sept. 29 – 3 miles

Tuesday, Sept. 30 – 2 miles

With cooler weather approaching and my favorite three-month time period of October through December, I am going to attempt to ramp up my mileage with a goal of 75 miles in October. If I can swing it with work and other life circumstances, I would like to do a half marathon November 1 in New Orleans. Just have to work out logistics.

Inspired by recent running consistency, I went a little crazy at Dick’s today and bought several running items, then cleaned out my dresser and set aside some ill-fitting/never-worn running clothes that have sat there un-used for years. Those items will be donated to Goodwill or another thrift store. This is what I got today:

running clothesNike Tempo shorts, striped Reebok tech shirt, Under Armour tech shirt, Reebok socks, and Champion sports bra (actually got at Target on clearance).

It feels good to be back running regularly and meeting goals, no matter how small. I can blame my running apathy the past 18 months on life changes and lack of running options in my current town, but it all comes down to being accountable to myself.

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