Signed up

medium_jazzhalf200Well, I’ve gone and done it. I signed up for a half marathon in New Orleans on Nov. 1, and I also went and booked a hotel a half-mile from the start/finish line, so now that I’ve sunk about $300 into this endeavor, there is definitely no backing out!

I feel pretty good about this even though my last two runs of 6 and 7 miles ended with me quite worn out. Since I have a month left to train before this race, I figure I’d better get on some double-digit runs quick!

This will be my 9th half-marathon. My races have varied in quality, some felt easier than others, though none were in fact easy. I feel that marathons require more mental training and emotional stability, but half marathons are still tough on the body and can be quite the challenge.

Normally for half marathons in NOLA I stay with my parents about 25 minutes away, but this will be so much easier on race morning, particularly because I might have to pick up my race packet the morning of the race, if we can’t get to the expo before it closes at 7. We will check out of the hotel after the race and go visit my parents for the remainder of the weekend, though.

I ran this race in 2011 – it wasn’t one of my best races, in fact, it was my worst half marathon time until I did the Louisiana Half last January, but it was still a good race.

Here is my training plan for the next 5 weeks:

TrainingAlso, I hit my goal for September, and I am now gunning for 75 miles in October. If I follow my training plan above, I will actually top 90.



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