Revisiting missed turn in my latest 5K

Today, the day after the 5K race where I missed a turn on the course, I went on an 8-mile run and returned to the neighborhood where most of this 5K was. With my Garmin I measured the turn I should have taken and then the way that I actually went, and they were exactly the same – .40 miles. So I was off course for less than half a mile and went the same distance as the race course part that I missed. Also, the reason I was able to so fluidly get back on track was because the turn was only a short detour that headed back to the road that I also got on.

Here is how it was:


So all in all, no harm done. I just did the opposite of that part of the course for the same distance! 😉 This also means that even if I hadn’t gotten lost, my final distance would still be 3.4 so I was never going to realistically get a 5K PR. I know most race courses end up, according to Garmin, a little over thanks to tangents, but usually only 3.15 or 3.2. I believe I would have PR’d with that distance, but there’s no way to know for sure. I will just have to try again soon.

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