Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans Marathon Training Plan

This is a plan I put together a few weeks ago, which I made based on my previous two marathon plans. Most weeks I have four runs planned, with a few three-run weeks thrown in.

RnR nolaTo be honest, my life is quite more hectic than it was when I trained for my last marathon, as my job hours vary based on what’s going on in the community and my husband and I lead the youth group at our church. So while I hope to get my mileage in each week, it may not be in the form presented in the training plan. For instance, this weekend I have to do a 15-miler. I wanted to do it on Saturday, but something work-related has come up. Well, since my job hours are flexible due to the nature of being a journalist, I am instead going to do the 15-miler before rushing to a doctor’s appointment on Friday morning. I can’t feasibly do it Sunday because my husband and I are filling in for someone and leading Sunday school. Just thinking about how busy my next few days are, I am so ready for Sunday evening. But I will find 2.5 hours to do my long run.

And that’s kind of how I am viewing each week – a 4-mile run is about 40 minutes. A 13-mile run is a little over 2 hours. I can find these pockets of time to do my runs. There is really no excuse as long as I plan ahead. So Friday I will be waking up at 6:30, running 15 miles, showering, dressing, eating breakfast and getting to my appointment 30 minutes away by 10:45.

For my “Rest or XT” days, I will try to have at least 2 non-running days a week where I do my spin bike, weights or yoga. What is most important to me is that the day after each long run, I have a full, no-exercise rest day.

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