RnR NOLA Marathon Training, Week 1 of 12

Picture 2

Since I signed up for the marathon last Friday, and had previously been training for a half marathon, I am counting this past week as my first real week mentally and actively training for “a marathon.” The 12 weeks is 4-6 weeks less than a typical plan, but since I already have a half marathon base and will run 17 miles this coming Sunday, I think I am right on schedule.

This was a three-run week, coming off the high of a great half marathon. I originally intended to run on Monday, but was still exhausted and moved it to Tuesday.

Tuesday, Nov. 4 – Ran 5.25

IMG_7483I did the first three with my husband around our neighborhood, averaging a 10+ minute pace. Then I took off on my own to get to 5 and upped the pace a bit, bringing down my total pace to 9:40. I guess I ran the extra .25 because I was still that far from home when I hit 5 miles.

Thursday, Nov. 6 – Ran 4

IMG_7501I ran 4 miles, again around the neighborhood, before work Thursday morning. I hate getting up early but I love getting my run done first thing so that the rest of the day I don’t have it looming ahead of me. Plus with the time change, it gets dark so early that I am often racing the sunset. Was very sweaty for this run even though it was a cool morning.

Friday, Nov. 7 – Ran 15

IMG_7522 A very busy weekend with several work engagements and church obligations meant I had to push my run up to Friday morning. The bad news was that I already had a doctor’s appointment set for 10:45 a.m. (30 minutes away), so I had to get up and get this run in early and quick. It was quite chilly, about 49 degrees, and so I added running tights and a long-sleeved Under Armour thick top to my running wardrobe, then left my house at 6:30.

Well, it took about 0.6 miles to warm up, but as soon as I did I knew the long-sleeved top had to go. I turned around and headed back home, where I changed into a much lighter Brooks long-sleeved shirt. Back out on the road, I set out on my planned route which took me through another neighborhood to the city park, then from the park to a bigger neighborhood. Bad news – I had to pass the main streets where three schools are located, and it was prime dropping-off-your-kids time. I re-routed several times but still had to go down some parts of the street with tons of cars, and no shoulder. I was up and running in the grass several times at an incline, which was not fun and expended tons of energy.

I kept chugging along, feeling my stomach starting to get upset, and got back to my house at 11.4 miles for a bathroom and Gatorade break. The last 3.6 miles went by pretty quickly and I had just enough time afterwards to bathe, eat breakfast and get to my doctor’s appointment in time.


Some fun running things I ordered came in Friday, just in time because my legs really needed them – new Sockwell compression socks and a $10 version of The Stick for massaging my muscles.

IMG_7521I also took two epsom salt baths and have rested mostly Saturday-Sunday, when not at church or working.

Another busy week ahead, with my two-race weekend coming up! I am pretty excited. It will be a high mileage week for me if I complete these runs –

Tuesday – 5 miles

Thursday – 3 miles

Saturday – Pie Run 10K

Sunday – Log Jammer Half Marathon + 4 miles = 17 miles

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