The Pie Run 10K Race Recap

Race #1 of the weekend was a 10K in Shreveport benefiting a private school which is situated in a very rich and hilly neighborhood. Last year we did this race and the course included one long and steep uphill climb, which 10Kers had to do twice because you did a 3.1-mile loop two times (unless you were a lucky 5Ker who did it once).

We made it into town Friday evening in time to go pick up our race packets, which is always much more convenient than doing so on race day. It feels like a lot of things were upgraded this year from last – not only did we get a nice cotton, long-sleeved T-shirt, but we got a drawstring bag, water bottle and towel.


When we arrived, parking easily and walking a short distance to the race start, I saw a big START inflatable which I also believe was new this year. In addition, the course was apparently going to be different because they had us facing the opposite direction from where we started last year.


IMG_7585It was about 34 degrees at start time, which wasn’t too bad except for the wind that made it feel colder than that. I wore a warm UA long-sleeved top and capri tights under my shorts, but I was left wishing I had gloves for my cold, numb hands. The 10Kers and 5Kers took off at the same time, and we immediately came upon an uphill climb. As we navigated the 3.1-mile loop, we found that they had eliminated the long, steep climb from last year, but instead we had about four shorter uphill climbs, a couple which were quite steep. It was definitely more than anything we deal with at home!

I noticed right away that the course was short, my Garmin said 0.83 miles when we passed the 1-mile marker, and that trend kept up the whole way. The first half went by quickly and the course thinned out majorly for the 10K’s second half. My husband was starting to fade a little at the end, but he dug in with me at the end to sprint to the finish. My Garmin hit 6 miles exactly as we crossed the finish line, so 0.2 short. Oh well. I made a beeline for the pie. It was VERY GOOD.

IMG_7588 IMG_7587I took a photo with my pie but husband wasn’t feeling too good and it was quickly getting cold again, so we left pretty quickly and I ate it in the car.

IMG_7598According to the race website, my chip time was 58:01.


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