10 Half Marathons

I got out all my half marathon medals last night because I can still hardly believe I’ve run 10! I know for some people that is not many, but it was cool to look at all of my medals at once. IMG_7690

1) 2011 Rock ‘n Roll Mardi Gras (last year it was named as such): 2:18

2) 2011 Rock ‘n Roll Dallas: 2:07

3) 2011 Jazz Half Marathon: 2:25

4) 2011 Baton Rouge Beach: 2:07

5) 2012 Louisiana Riverfront: 2:04

6) 2012 Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans: 2:09

7) 2014 Louisiana Half: 2:37

8) 2014 Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans: 2:20

9) 2014 Jazz Half Marathon: 2:02

10) 2014 Log Jammer Half Marathon: 2:07

So I have had a wide range of finishing times, but I have never broken 2 hours which I would love to do someday. I totally peaced out on the distance in 2013, but am set to run my most halves in a year for 2014 as I already am signed up for my 11th half (and 5th of the year) on Dec. 13.

Smiles after getting my current half PR Nov. 1, 2014
Running my first half in February 2011
Smiling as I got a then-PR in January 2012
Gutting out a then-PR in December 2011
One of my less-great half performances in October 2011

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