RnR NOLA Marathon Training, Week 3 of 12

week of 11.17This was a lackluster week, bringing my mileage way down from the previous week and 5 miles under my plan. I did what I could though, including my long run.

Tuesday, Ran 2 miles

IMG_7664I headed out to do this run because I was feeling stressed out from the week looming ahead and wanted to get some miles behind me. I have found weirdly that when I set out for short runs, I do them really slowly. This was much shorter than my Thursday run and much slower too. I don’t know why.

Thursday, Ran 5 miles

IMG_7691I got off work a little early and headed out for this run, knowing it would be getting dark soon. The street lights in my town are very low-lit, so I don’t like running in the dark at all. When I do I just assume cars can’t see me and if any are approaching I get off the road and into the grass. At some areas this can happen too often and just expends too much energy. This run was mostly in the daylight, though during the last mile or so the sun went down.

Saturday, Ran 13

IMG_7723The weather got much warmer over the weekend, so I was running in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. Maybe mentally this seemed much easier than the 17-miler the weekend prior, so it went by seemingly much quicker. There was still a slight breeze despite the warmer temps, so I never got too overheated. I ran 11 miles straight with no break, then stopped back at my house for some Gatorade and a bathroom break. The last two miles were a little bit slower than the rest of the run. I was glad to be done when it was over.

So last week wasn’t the greatest of weeks with only 3 runs and 20 miles. Spoiler alert – this week is almost over and it so far has not been wonderful. I hope with the Thanksgiving holiday over I will be able to have a normal and strong week of running next week.

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