Turkey Trot Race Recap

We had a really fun Thanksgiving run Thursday morning, with perfect weather and a spirited atmosphere in Shreveport.

IMG_7752I didn’t really want to have to wake up early and go run after driving into Shreveport the night before, but I knew it would be worth it, and it was. The temperatures were in the 40s, with bright sunshine and just slight winds. I got my husband to do it with me, and I was glad because the way I know how to get to the race start was blocked by police, so we had to make a detour. Since he knows the area like the back of his hand, that was no problem. As we were walking to the start, I saw on my Garmin that it was exactly start time. We could hear them talking over the megaphone and it sounded like they were about to start, so we started jogging toward the start area. Well as we got closer, we heard the person on the megaphone say, “Group 1, get ready, set, go!” Apparently it was a wave start due to the number of people, and we were definitely not in the fast group 1. So I actually stopped and took a picture of the first runners.

IMG_7758So there were still tons of people waiting to go at the start.

IMG_7759We immediately spotted a high school friend of Hunter’s, and then as we were hugging her, one of our very close college friends that we haven’t seen in at least a year came over and hugged us! So it was very cool to find two people we knew in that large crowd. I took advantage and asked them to take our picture 😉

IMG_7763We started in the third group, which they described as a 9-11 minute pace. So a wide range of runners, but we agreed we were just running for fun. Husband hadn’t run since the Pie Run 10K we did two weeks before! The first two miles were on asphalt as we ran down the parkway adjacent to the river. Then at almost exactly two miles, they had us detour into the woods. This was the “trail” part of the trail run.We did the first two miles in 9:34 and 9:06, then slowed way, way down on the trail as it turned into single-file running, sometimes walking. Our last full mile was 11:52.

IMG_7765I assumed this was a 3-mile run, but I was wrong… the little boy in front of me was really struggling, so I kept encouraging him. At 2.75 miles I said “Almost there…” but I was a liar because it turned out to be a 3.5 mile run.

IMG_7782We crossed the finish line at the clock’s mark of 40 minutes… of course, we didn’t start right away so that wasn’t applicable to us. I have no idea what our official “chip” time would be because there no chips. My Garmin time will have to suffice. There were some drinks and jambalaya afterward, along with music and beautiful weather, but we were ready to head home and get ready for Thanksgiving. I really love Thanksgiving, food and football and family. The three Fs!

My cooking contributions! Each took about 10 minutes.



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