RnR NOLA Marathon Training: Weeks 7-10 (of 12)

Week 7
Week 7 – Skipped long run
Week 8
Week 8 (Christmas week) – “16 miles” was a 15.5-mile (25K) race
Week 9
Week 9 – New Year’s Week – fell down on the job of running at all
Picture 1
Week 10

My training the last month has fallen off a cliff, obviously. As the marathon approaches, my ability to still run 20 miles this past weekend is the main thing that gives me confidence that even though I will likely post my worst marathon time ever on Jan. 25, I will still finish in one (worn out) piece.

My focus, since I don’t have very strong training behind me, will be to make sure I am very well fueled and take the first half very cautiously so that I will have a modicum of energy left over to get me through the second half. I also plan to bring my Polaroid Cube and take pictures and just enjoy the experience.

While overall my mileage over the past two months has not been great, I have managed long runs of 13.1, 15, 17, 13, 18, 10, 20, 15.5, 20 again… so I think that is at least a decent base to where I’m not completely crazy for attempting this marathon.

My previous marathon times are 4:40 and 4:49 with some change. Therefore with the inconsistent training I’ve had, I would be thrilled to finish under 5 hours but won’t set my heart on it. Not only am I just naturally slow but I also tend to have stomach issues during long runs, so it might be a long shot anyway.

Oh well! We’ve got a hotel 0.3 miles from the start, so I will get to just walk to the race like I did for the Jazz Half Marathon, and like I said, I plan to take pictures and enjoy the experience because I haven’t run a marathon in over 2 years and I am very grateful for the opportunity to get to do it again. I know what to expect and know it will be tough, especially the last six miles, but you only live once. I hope to run the marathon, take an ice bath back at the hotel, and after some rest go out and eat a great big dinner in New Orleans.


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