An improved running year

For the first time since I started tracking mileage on Daily Mile in 2011, I ran more miles in a year than I did the year before. This wasn’t a high mark to reach, though, since I barely ran in 2013 (covered in this post here).  In fact, I ran 600 less miles in 2013 than the previous year, so I didn’t have to do much to improve on those numbers. These are the mileage charts I’ve saved from the last three years:

2012 – 875 miles


2013 – 243 miles


2014 – 482 miles


So in 2014 I improved by over 200 miles, but was still far from my 2012 total, as well as my 2011 total which according to DM was 936. Training for a marathon helps. Running 5 half marathons in one year, when I had run none in 2013, definitely helped. I still slacked off a lot, struggled to find motivation to run where I live and wonder if I will ever again run as much as I did in 2011-2012. I hope so.

2014 running featured:

– Running 5 half marathons

– Getting a half marathon PR

– a 20-mile training run (with half marathon tucked inside)

– my first 25K race, in which I placed first in my age group

– finishing first female in a Halloween 5K and second female in a 5K in May

– My first 100+ month since November 2012 (exactly two years later)

– My first DNS (not proud of that but notable! We paid for the Watermelon 5K in June and then skipped out on going).

– Running races all over the state including Shreveport, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge and New Orleans


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