RnR NOLA Marathon Training, Week 11 of 12

Week 11

I have been Googling people’s stories of running marathons undertrained, and it has made me feel better. Despite my ultimately low mileage, I have gotten in plenty of long runs and think that will help a lot. I also am taking to heart advice that says to temper expectations, take it slow and fuel correctly.

My plan for this week is to eat healthily and begin carbo-loading on Thursday. I also have a massage scheduled for tomorrow (truly can’t wait for that) and will do yoga three times this week, plus foam-rolling and icing any lingering aches. Mostly it’s just been the top of my right foot that has really hurt after long runs.

‘My fueling plan for right before the marathon is to eat pancakes for dinner Saturday night, and on Sunday morning I will eat a bagel with peanut butter for breakfast. I will bring 5 gels with me, and take one 15 minutes before the race, then one every 6th mile, including mile 24 where I will definitely need the extra energy.

Last week was an improvement in that I did three runs, one short, one medium and then my long run. Even though my last-minute panicking about being under-training had me tempted to go longer, I stuck to my ritual of only running a 10-miler the weekend before the marathon. My pace was ultimately pretty slow for all three and my legs felt really heavy. I am hoping that the body work I am doing this week in the massage, yoga, foam rolling will loosen me up.

I am getting pretty excited about this race, which is good – if I was worried or stressed, that wouldn’t do any good. I plan to be relaxed, calm and take it one mile at a time.


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