Running beginnings

Picture 1

My first race actually took place in 1993, a year before this article, and it was for the same run – the St. Charles Parish Reading Council Fun Run.

My older sister ran track in high school and I had attended many of her track meets and seen her win awards, so apparently I decided I wanted to win awards for running too.

At age 7 I ran the 2-mile race and won 2nd place in my age group! I got a trophy which was of a girl running. I was thrilled! So the next year at age 8 I ran the 1-mile. The only thing I remember is that I got a bad cramp during this one. I really wish they had printed the finishing times because I have no idea how long it took! Again I got 2nd place and another trophy! (Whether or not there were only 2 people in my age group running, I’ll never know…)

I still have the T-shirt from the 1994 race as well – it’s cute! Just a little raggedy.


Now I need to find these trophies, if they still exist! After this race, I took a little break from racing… for about 16 years.


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