Marathon Maniac #10782

When I ran two marathons in 8 days, I officially qualified to be a Marathon Maniac. I don’t think I will ever get up to higher than the Bronze level, and I certainly am going to remain a “Maniac” with some of the fewest marathons, but I love the community and being able to read others’ advice, encouragement and getting information about upcoming races along with some discounts.

To celebrate my new MM status, I bought a Sweaty Band with the logo. It’s so cute! Will wait a little while to get a shirt – I am not crazy about the pink or yellow shirts because I look dumb in both colors, but I will probably go with the yellow short-sleeved shirt. Maybe when next winter rolls around I will invest in a jacket too.

FullSizeRenderIn correlation with that, there was a discussion on the MM Facebook group about how runners deal with dogs chasing them on their runs. I have been chased by dogs countless times even though my current town has a leash law, and have been lucky enough not to be bitten even though every time I do exactly what you’re not supposed to do, which is keep running. The advice given most often was to run with pepper spray and dog treats (the pepper spray to fend off aggressive dogs, the treats to distract those who persist in a less antagonistic manner). The Sabre pepper spray I ordered has a little handheld part and I figure I can run with some dog treats in my Spibelt.


As I told my husband, the pepper spray is good to have for use on humans too, if needed (God forbid). The one I bought has a hand strap, and I ran with it on an 11-mile run today. It is light and easy to carry. It did make me feel safer too.


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