A busy weekend + 8 days to Marathon #5

Part of the reason my marathon training has been so hit-or-miss all fall and winter long is the busy-ness that is the rest of my life. I know there are people out there who are way busier than me who make it happen (especially those with small children), so it’s no excuse. I just like my sleep, so it’s hard to find running motivation during those busy weeks when work and church obligations keep me out at night during times I’d rather be resting.

This weekend was an example of that – Friday night was a ministry event I had to attend and take part in, so that was pretty much directly after work until about 9:30 p.m. because I stayed after to help clean up. I got up this morning to get in my last long run before the Zydeco Marathon, 13 miles in about 2:20. I got home, made mac and cheese for a quick lunch, showered, then headed into work to get stuff done for my Saturday afternoon deadline.

Me speaking briefly at the ministry event Friday night.

Then I went and took some photos at an event, also for work. Once done with work for the day, my husband and I headed in to Lake Charles to run some errands and pick up some things we can’t get at home – for me, this included stops at Dick’s, the local running store AND Academy to try and find the flavor of PowerBar Energy Gel I like so I can have it for the marathon next weekend. Academy for the win. I also picked up some more sunscreen and a white Under Armour running hat. We had dinner at a Greek/Lebanese place, and on the way back home got some Dairy Queen!

Lunch! Truffle Mac and Cheese
Dinner – Chicken Kebob Platter

Tomorrow morning is church, then we’re taking the youth group to an afternoon play, then after that we have a staff meeting back at church! So weekends like this are rough because I don’t get much rest. Still, I got my long run in and enjoyed it, so that’s what counts.

Speaking of my run today, I fueled with a Salted Caramel Gu beforehand, no breakfast. I haven’t used Gu in years, and I remembered why today – too thick! I almost gagged. I switched to PowerBar brand energy gel in 2011 because it is thinner and so much easier to swallow down. I will use the rest of the Gu I have for long runs, but no way will I be able to use it during a marathon.


I also tried a Pocket Fuel Nut Butter Blend for the first time. This is basically a packet of almond butter for you to take in during a long run, and for me, it was too messy to be convenient. I carried it with me in my handheld water bottle’s pouch and stopped at mile 8 to eat it. It was cold out, so no matter how much I squeezed the packet, it still wasn’t going to be easy to get the almond butter softened. The butter that did come out was messy and while it went down OK with water, I feel this whole exercise would be too time-consuming during a marathon. An ultramarathon, sure – it is an easy way to take in some more calories outside of an aid station. And my stomach had started to feel hungry around mile 5-6, so this did the trick and helped me get through the rest of the run.


I spent most of the run listening to old Jillian Michaels Show podcasts. I was way behind on these, so I was shocked to get to the show from late last month or early this month that revealed her producer/sidekick Janice had left the show! And no explanation is to be found by Googling as to why?!? This almost made me stop in my tracks. Sad 😦

I honestly don’t know if I will PR next week, but more than anything I want to have a good experience and have fun. I officially registered earlier this week as well as booked a hotel for super cheap.

I plan to pick up one of these special 26.2 stickers at the expo, for the uniqueness of having the distance spelled out in French!

From the Zydeco Marathon Facebook page

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