NYC Marathon – I’m in!

When the lottery sign-up for the New York City Marathon opened on January 15, I basically entered as soon as I got to a computer that morning. I knew my chances were REALLY slim – ultimately only 18% of the 80,000+ entrants would be accepted via the lottery. But it was an $11 fee to enter and I figured it was worth a shot.

Fast forward to today, lottery day, and I was excited to find out if I got in but not *really* expecting to be one of the lucky few. I was initially checking my email throughout the morning, which is how I thought I’d be notified, but then I saw on the Marathon Maniacs group that people were finding out via a $255 charge from the New York Road Runners in their bank account. I went to my bank account information online with a fast beating heart, and there it was – a $255 pending charge!

I was hesitant to really grasp or believe that I had actually been accepted into the marathon without official confirmation via their website or an email, but after seeing the official NYC Marathon Twitter and Facebook basically say, “You won’t get an email or website confirmation until later, but if we took a bunch of money out of your bank account you’re in” — I started to get really excited!

My husband and I went out to eat for dinner to celebrate, and while we were out I got the official word via email!

FullSizeRender (1)

It is still very surreal, and thankfully we have 8 months to prepare for this epic adventure. We visited NYC strictly as a fun tourist trip last May, and it was such a fast trip that I was left wanting to return and do some things we had missed out on because of the lack of time. Now, we have a legit reason to go back and we can skip the touristy things we did last year (Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge) and do some of the more unique things we didn’t do before. Plus, I get to run one of the most famous marathons in the world through all five boroughs of New York City! I can’t wait!!! It will be torture waiting 8 months to go!


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