Ode to the Brooks Ravenna running shoe

IMG_0695I recently ordered a new pair of running shoes after realizing my current pair had about 400 miles (and four marathons) on them. When it comes to running shoes, I am super loyal to one kind – the Brooks Ravenna. My first pair was purchased after I got fitted at the running store in Baton Rouge in summer 2011, and was told I slightly over-pronate. That day I bought the Brooks Ravenna 2 shoes, and I trained for and ran my first marathon in them. Since then, I have gotten two pairs of Ravenna 3, the Ravenna 4 and my newest pair, the Ravenna 5. I have gone off Brooks only twice, both times because I got shoes for free! I won a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders in a Twitter giveaway, and I was given a $100 Adidas gift card by a friend who works for Adidas – with that I bought the Adidas Supernova Glides. I liked both of those, but when it comes to spending my own money, I always return to the Ravennas. Though I definitely veered off trend this time around with a very BRIGHT color!

IMG_0676I do need to think about giving away some of these older pairs I don’t wear anymore, but I don’t think I will ever give away my first marathon shoes. I am way too sentimental.

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