The last 10 days since the Bridge Run have gone by pretty fast. Since that run, I:

  • Have eaten crawfish twice! 

I also enjoyed a very Louisiana afternoon at my uncle’s house last Sunday, along with my family. It was a great time.



  • Signed up for my first ultramarathon – a 50K on April 25.

It seems soon, but I’ve been considering it for a while now. I have run 4 marathons since January 25 and have kept up my mileage, so I feel ready and prepared to tackle this distance for the first time. I can’t wait!


  • Signed up for marathon #7 – set for this weekend!

It is the perfect timing for a last long training run in anticipation of the 50K. I have been considering doing this race for several weeks now as well, and despite a terrible forecast of thunderstorms, I decided to risk registering. I contacted the RD to find out about their procedure for cancelling a race, and he told me they are not going to cancel it – if there is lightning, they will delay the start until it has passed. So I am going for it! I was going to be really disappointed if I had ended up skipping out.

  • Ran 17 miles in Shreveport along the Red River


This took place this past Saturday, and while it was a slow run for me, it felt pretty good. There are several hilly parts of this running path, so I slowed down when it came to those, and I also took some time to appreciate the scenery.

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBEWith my 50K coming up, I wanted to try out my Camelbak, which I haven’t used in several years. While I have had no problems with my Nathan 10 oz handheld water bottle, I will need more water than that and I sometimes have shoulder cramps when I carry things. The Camelbak, which I ran with for about 7 miles, worked out great, no bouncing, easy to drink from, etc. I will probably put some wipes and an extra gel in the small back pocket.

For entertainment I mostly listened to music, but also listened to an old Ginger Runner podcast where he interviewed Jenn Thompson, an ultramarathoner who got bitten twice by the same rattlesnake. :0 That was pretty harrowing.

  • Bought things – 

Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy, the cat whisperer from “My Cat from Hell”


Two Sweaty Bands, plus a tank and sports bra from Zulily.


A Marathon Maniacs hat!

IMG_0943 (1)


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