Recent purchases and latest StrideBox

I had a crisis with UPS last week when the delivery guy stopped leaving my packages at my door and started leaving notes saying I needed to sign for them. I finally got to talk to him Friday and it turned out my normal chill UPS guy was on vacation and the temporary replacement is a little more leery about leaving packages out in the open. I told him it was fine, and finally got my new book “Run Less, Run Faster” and some salt caps, which I plan to try out and hopefully use during my upcoming ultramarathon.


I already run only about 3-4 times a week, so I am hoping to read this book and figure out how to make my runs more meaningful and hopefully gain some speed. This will be tough with summer approaching, as the heat gets pretty bad and endurance is tested. We’ll see how it goes! I think having a new strategy could help keep me motivated during the hot months coming up.

I ran last Thursday before work – it was 8 a.m., overcast with no glimpse of the sun, and only 2 miles, but when I finished my shirt looked like this:


Granted it was a cotton/polyester mix, and I have plenty of other shirts that wick moisture better, but that was a wake-up call to how close summer really is!

I also got my 2nd Stride Box in on Friday – I was starting to wonder about it, because I got my first box on March 2 and I was charged for the 2nd one on March 26. But thankfully it came in, and it had a variety of items!


Click photo to enlarge

I was excited about the Arctic Ease sample, because I’ve heard it advertised on the Jillian Michaels podcast and wanted to check it out. I have also heard a lot about Vega, but had never tried one of their products before, so I will have to try this gel on a long run soon. The Squeaky Cheeks chafing powder sounds really interesting and could be very useful as sweatier running commences with the higher temps.


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