Park Life

We have not taken nearly enough advantage of the local park here, with its shaded running path and free tennis courts. We bought tennis rackets and balls last year, but had only gone to play tennis about twice before last week. We went out to the park and ran two miles last Thursday, then played tennis for 30 minutes. I am really terrible at it, but it’s fun and a good way to mix up activity.


After tennis, we walked around the park one more time, which is about 1 mile. We walked by the snowball stand nearby right as it was closing, so my goal Monday when we went back to the park was to get to the snowball stand before it closed!


Yesterday we played tennis for 30 minutes again, then ran a half-mile to the snowball stand. My left IT band is really irritated, so I think I am going to have to back way off on running this week. It is a busy week of work, so I can handle that, I suppose. Hunter got a snowball and I got a pickle, plus a pickle pop! Frozen pickle juice on a stick!


It was super sour. After getting our goods we walked the half-mile back to our car. It definitely feels like summer!

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