Whispering Pines 50K

whispering_pines_2015I signed up for my second 50K, the Whispering Pines Trail Run in Tyler on May 16 (This Saturday!) The only problem is my IT band has been irritated during runs since the Brazos Bend 50K on April 25. I have been icing and stretching it regularly, as well as backing way off running and taking it easy when I do run. I am hoping this doesn’t affect me too badly during the race. This was this past week’s activity – it wasn’t much:

Monday – Ran/walked 1 mile and played tennis for 30 minutes. My IT band was really tight and irritated during that run/walk to the snowball stand, and it was after tennis, so that might have contributed. I had to work and had church the next two nights, so I rested it until Thursday.

Thursday – Ran 3.1 miles at the park with my husband. I warned him I might not do a full three miles depending on my IT band, so we ran around the park twice, which was two miles. I still felt fine up to that point, so we ran a half-mile out of the park and then turned around to come back the way we came. It wasn’t until we had to go downhill on the road that led to the park that my IT band did start hurting again. I backed way off and started walking the second the Garmin hit 3.1 miles. I stretched and iced it a lot after that, and decided not to run a 5K on Saturday that I had been considering because I knew I would feel pressure to run fast and possibly overdo it.

Sunday – I went out for an easy run, planning to stay out on the road for an hour and a half. The front of my knee on the same leg as the messed up IT band hurt a lot at first, which confused me. I stretched my leg a little and continued, and that specific pain went away. The IT band was tight at various points, and I would stop to stretch it. It was also HOT and I only had my 10-ounce handheld with me, so I ran out of water before I got back to my house. I took a few walking and stretching breaks, and took the running really slow. I only covered 8 miles in the 92 minutes. I sweated A LOT. My new Lululemon shirt was pretty much see-through by the end.


I tried out three items from my last Stride Box for this run, and I liked two of them:

FullSizeRender1) Vega energy gel (orange zest flavor) – This was a thick and grainy gel that did not taste good. I’ll leave it at that. Did not like at all. I took it 15 minutes before my run.

2) Movit energy gummies (berry flavor) – These were pretty good, just not enough in a package. The package suggested eating 1-2 bags per hour of activity, and the bag itself was only 60 calories. They tasted fine and didn’t upset my stomach or anything. I took several during my run and felt a burst of energy each time. There were about 11 in the bag.

3) Ultima electrolyte mix (orangey orange flavor) -This tasted good and didn’t upset my stomach. It only had 15 calories and it was suggested that the packet be mixed with 8-12 ounces of water. That was the perfect amount for my handheld, but not enough for an entire run. After I ran out of the water in my handheld that I mixed this with, I stopped back at my house and got more (plain) water.

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