July goals

The New York City Marathon is exactly 4 months away. That seems really close. We booked our plane tickets in May but still need to get a hotel.

I had planned to keep a base of at least 10-mile runs through the hottest parts of summer, but then I hurt my knee on May 16. An 18-week training plan would have begun this past Monday, but I think I am going to focus the next two weeks on building up my mileage, and then I will try to start a 16-week training plan on July 13.

Ultimately my goal is to not re-injure myself, so I am going about this very carefully. My big, tentative goal for July would be to run 45 miles total. Assuming I am healthy at the end of July, mileage would ramp up a little more quickly in August and I would hopefully be following my training plan to the T by then.

I am not worried about a goal for NYC. I simply want to get there and enjoy and finish. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, at least for me. I do plan to run more local marathons in the winter/spring, so I will be looking for a goal at one of those races, but not NYC. Therefore I do not feel much pressure to rush into training or start trying out longer distances soon. That would probably result in me being sidelined again anyway.

So my goals for July are:

1) Run 45 miles as long as my knee allows

2) Continue heating and icing my knee after every run

3) Do some form of yoga or Pilates twice a week

4) Do arm work with weights three times a week

5) Drink only water, coffee or tea

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