June StrideBox



I got my StrideBox a bit late this month – by June 23 I still hadn’t gotten it, so I emailed them to see what was going on. They responded quickly and said that according to their tracking, my box had come on June 11. I said maybe the mailman put it in the wrong mailbox, or maybe it was stolen, because I never got it! StrideBox was great and promptly mailed me another box with the tracking code. So I had a great customer service experience with them.

I am most excited about trying out the Ruby’s Lube for anti-chafing, and the microfiber towel will become a staple in my running bag. I already ate the Kate’s Energy Bar and it was very good!

I haven’t been able to try out too many of my Stride Box samples lately due to not running as much, but any time I use something I will try and remember to post my thoughts on it for future reference. I don’t want the $15 I pay per month for this little box to go to waste!


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