NYC Marathon Training


Tomorrow makes 16 weeks to the NYC Marathon. Hard to believe! I have not run double digits since April 25, so I am kind of starting from scratch since my knee injury in May. I bought “Run Less, Run Faster,” which teaches the FIRST training plan of running 3 times a week, with 2 days of cross-training. Due to my limited amount of running in the past two months, I am going to start out on the novice training plan.

I will be including walking breaks in my running for the foreseeable future, until I am confident that neither I nor my knee need them.

My first week of marathon training will look like this:

Monday – 3 miles speed (the plan uses track workouts, but I do not have access to a track. This first run is 3×1600, so I will either run 3 miles or change my Garmin to measure meters and try to find a 1600-meter stretch that I can do three times)

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Spin class – A new spinning studio just opened in my town; we did not have group spinning classes in the area until now. I signed up for a Wednesday evening class and one for next Saturday morning. Can’t wait! I haven’t been to a spin class since we lived in Baton Rouge, but I loved it back then.

Thursday – 6 miles tempo

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Spin class

Sunday – 8 miles long or 2 hours – whichever comes first. I have to test my knee out and see how this goes. I plan to get up before church and allot 2 hours toward completing 8 miles. Depending on how much I need to walk, I may not get there in 2 hours. We’ll see.

I also plan to do yoga and arm exercises 2 times a week on workout days. I want my rest days to be days of complete rest.

This training plan is beginning the same week I start my new position after a promotion at work, which comes with more responsibility and time devoted to working, so this should be interesting. I will try very hard to strike a good balance and get my runs in on the less busy days.

I bought a pack of these which will be put on after every run:

icy hot


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