July Stride Box and ipsy glam bag

I’ve added a second subscription box to my life, the ipsy glam bag that sends makeup and beauty samples. When not drenched in sweat while running, I do like to wear makeup and look pretty 🙂 Here is what came in my special mailbox presents this month:

Stride Box ($15/month)


  • Mediterra sesame energy bar
  • Huma chia energy gel
  • Salba chia seeds
  • Youth infusion drink mix
  • Rock tape
  • Purps vita drink supplement
  • Gu tabs
  • Dermasport skincare samples
  • Stride Box water bottle


This was a good box. There is a decent mix of varying items – loved getting some chia seeds! I have noticed in the last few boxes that energy gels and drink mixes are quite frequent. I am pretty set with the types of gels and drinks I use, and am not really in the market to try out new things. I will try these samples out whenever I am just going on a short to mid-length run, but for those long runs, I am sticking with what I know my stomach can handle already.

So I will keep this in mind with the next couple of boxes, to decide if I need to keep getting this. It’s fun and I am excited each month when it arrives, but I don’t know how practical it is for me.

ipsy glam bag ($10/month)


I *am* in the market to try out and experiment with new beauty products, so right now this is up my alley. I really liked my first bag and the variety of products it offered. Unlike Stride Box, ipsy subscribers get different bags based on a survey you fill out on the site when you sign up. There are a lot of different samples they are giving out this month, and each person will only get 5 of them. Those 5 items will vary from person to person. I got:

  • Teeez lipstick in the color “Killing Me Softly”
  • Eva NYC dry shampoo
  • Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo lip conditioner
  • Ofra eyeshadow and highlighter in “Bliss”
  • City Color HD Powder

The one thing we all get is a cute little makeup bag, a different one each month.

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