NYC Marathon Training, Week 2

My plan for this week included two days of cross-training and three runs: 2 miles, 7 miles and 9 miles.

This is what happened:


Monday – Spinning

1 hour at home

I have a spin bike at home that goes un-used far too often, so I decided to get my first cross-training day in while watching my favorite Monday night guilty pleasure, “The Bachelorette.” I didn’t work up a sweat or my heart rate like I do in class, which is why I think it’s worthwhile to keep going to spin class.

Tuesday – Ran 2 miles

20:43/10:07 pace

My husband came with me for this run, and he is even more out of practice than I am when it comes to running, so he didn’t push the pace too much.

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Ran 4.25 miles

47:15/11:07 pace

This was supposed to be 7, but I just could not handle the heat. I know I have to suck it up, but it felt borderline unhealthy to keep running at the point I was at. I got out of running shape and am now dealing with 100-degree weather while trying to get my conditioning back – not a good combo. Also, I felt better about cutting this run short when I had knee soreness the next day. I just know I need to be careful.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Spin class

45 minutes

Worked up quite the sweat in this class and felt great afterward. My knee held up fine. Love having these classes back in my life!

Sunday – Ran 9 miles

1:46:12/11:48 pace

The problem with quitting one run is that you then start to think about quitting every run when the going gets tough. I tried to rationalize stopping at 6 miles and then 7 miles during this run due to the heat, the fact that my shirt and shorts were soaking wet from sweat, and that I just didn’t want to go any further. Instead, somehow I trudged on and completed my 2nd long run in this training cycle. I have to believe that as long as I stick out my plan through these seriously hot days I will see major improvement once September gets here. It was cooler than Thursday afternoon, which helped, and I took two different breaks to get more Powerade.

Another thing that helped was that I was listening to the podcast “Again With This” from which is currently recapping season 1 episodes of the original “Beverly Hills, 90210.” It’s hilarious, and I listened to three episodes during my run.


I got my husband to take a picture of me right after I got home, but the picture doesn’t do my sweat justice.

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