Running in Austin



I am still relatively inexperienced when it comes to running on vacation, mostly because I am a huge chicken about going somewhere new by myself, and I’m also pretty lazy when on the road. I was glad to get out of my comfort zone when we visited Austin in August, because the city has some absolutely beautiful sights and great places to run.


On a Saturday morning while we were there, I drove downtown to run on some of the paths around the Lady Bird Lake/Colorado River. It was very hot and humid, and I had 11 miles on the schedule, so I took it rather slow. The parking areas that I had scoped out the day before were all packed, but I was able to find an empty spot at the Auditorium Shores park on Riverside Drive. Signs at the parking lot said it was 2 hour parking, but I thought that would be enough time to do 11 miles.


I didn’t have a specific route in mind, I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t get lost as I took on the path and made various turns. I stopped several times to refill my 10-ounce handheld bottle with water from the various fountains around the area, and I also stopped several times to take pictures at scenic spots.

IMG_2363  IMG_2365 IMG_2367

At around 10 miles my injured knee started burning a little, and I noticed I was almost at the 2-hour limit, so I headed back to my car and finished the day at 10.5 miles in just under 2 hours. I really loved the run and the area – Austin is such a beautiful and interesting city.

IMG_2397 IMG_2393

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