2015 Log Jammer Half Marathon Race Recap

I have done dumber things than run a half marathon one week after running a marathon (like run a marathon one week after running another marathon), so signing up for the Log Jammer Half Marathon scheduled for Nov. 8 wasn’t too crazy, even though the NYC Marathon was Nov. 1.

I ran this race last year and the weather was cold (high 30s) and rainy. It was intimidating to go into, but I felt awesome when I finished. This year’s race weather was forecast to be much better – mid-50s and sunny.

I went into the race without a goal in mind, since it was so soon off the marathon, but I did want to run the whole thing. Ever since my knee injury in May, I’ve become a big walk-break-taker. I took breaks during all my long runs and during NYC, but I want to work my way up to not having to do that. So that was my big deal – no walking breaks.

I picked up my packet Saturday, which was actually a very rainy and cold day, reminiscent of last year’s race day. Thankfully by Sunday morning the rain had cleared and the sunny forecast proved to be true. The race had what seemed like a lot more participants than last year as a result.

Start/Finish Line Area

I like the course for the most part  – starts downtown, proceeds 7 miles in the nearby neigborhoods, 2 miles down a highway that takes us to the levee path, then 4.5 miles along the Red River back towards downtown.

I am moving to Shreveport very soon, so this is going to be my new permanent stomping grounds. I took note of how pretty the fall foliage is right now and how much I really like the area. I am excited that we will be living there.

My legs felt pretty tired throughout the whole race, but I also felt kind of strong. I made sure to keep my breathing tempered and not go too fast. There are several little hills around Shreveport, so I just ran them slowly. I kept a pretty even pace throughout the whole race, just under 11 minute miles, and the only times I walked was when I got Gatorade at the water stops and took a few steps to safely consume my drink.

On the levee path by the river I felt myself faltering, but I kept up my running and passed several people over the last couple of miles. The temps stayed in the high 50s I think, but because of the sun I was sweating pretty good by the end. I crossed the finish line at 2:22:50, which was about 11 seconds slower than the Barksdale AFB Half Marathon I did Sept. 19.

According to the race results, I ran 1:11:19 for the first half and 1:11:30 for the second. My splits were almost exactly even last year too! I don’t know what it is about this course, but I managed somehow the past two years to basically run the same time each half. My time last year was much better though – 2:07:something.

Now that NYC is over, I’m not sure what my goals are and my races will be. Moving throws a big wrench into any long-term planning as well – I know we’ll likely do the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day like we did last year, but that’s the only thing that I’m sort of sure of.


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