Race Recap: Turkey Trot & Downtown Christmas Run

The past month has been filled with packing, cleaning and moving, as we left DeRidder and are now settled in Shreveport-Bossier. It was a move I was very happy to make, but it came with the typical stress that moving entails and we are still not completely done with the transitions – I still have to find a job here, and we will hopefully buy a house within the next year. But my husband is enjoying his new job and we are really happy to be here.

While I was still in our old place trying to get ready for the move, there wasn’t much time for running, but since we got here, I have a lot of free time and have been running a lot more frequently. This has included two holiday-themed 5Ks, one on Thanksgiving and one last night through the Christmas lights downtown. That is one super great thing about living here in a much bigger city than before –  a waaaaay more active running community and more frequent races.

Turkey Trot


This is a very popular race on Thanksgiving Day that attracts regular runners as well as walkers and families looking to do something active before their big meals.


We did this race last year and it took us out on a dirt trail along the Red River, but the river flooded last summer and I’m guessing it messed up that trail, because this year the course kept us on the asphalt path that I always run on along the river.


Thanksgiving here was not cold whatsoever, and it was also a little rainy that morning. During the race a heavy mist began hitting us, but it felt nice. I’d much rather run in warm rain than cold rain!


The total distance was about 3.45 miles, which we did in under a 10-minute pace. The race was not chip timed.

Downtown Christmas Run


I had never done this race before, because it’s apparently always on a weeknight and this is the first December we have lived here and been here during the week.


The race is three loops around downtown Shreveport, where there are numerous Christmas lights decorating the streets. It begins and ends in front of the courthouse, which is also decorated in green and red. It was a big race, though not nearly as large as the Turkey Trot, and the first mile was rather slow due to having to weave around all the people. Each of our miles were a minute faster than the previous, beginning with a 10:42 mile for Mile 1 and finishing with an 8:36 mile for Mile 3!


Our final time for the 5K was 29:40.

Both of these races were just for fun, but I was pretty happy with how we did in both of them. Looking forward to more races and more running!


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