2016 running

So I went over a year without blogging. That was unexpected.

I didn’t stop running in 2016. But it wasn’t consistent, or inspiring enough to blog about. By May I wasn’t even inspired to post my runs on Daily Mile anymore, which I had been doing faithfully since 2011. It’s weird not to have a final number for miles run in the past year.

So yeah, it was a down year, similar to 2013. I guess it’s bound to happen every now and then. Coincidentally, both 2013 and 2016 were years of big change for me, moving and finding a new job and just not being settled. I hope 2017 will be a more stable and settled year, as much as anyone can plan for that.

I did do several races in 2016 – that is an addiction I will never quite shake! A brief recap, for posterity:

Februrary 2016: Pie Run 10K

This is one of my favorite races, and I’ve done it three times now. Once you cross the finish line, you get a cup of coffee and a piece of the best pie in town.


March 2016: Pancake Run 5K

So apparently offering food is a surefire way to get me to race. This run was along the river in downtown Shreveport. I didn’t end up getting the pancakes afterward though, I just went straight home. Not sure why, but I am kicking myself for that.


April 2016: Cypress Half Marathon

I could not get over the irony that I was doing a church-hosted race, and my bib number was 666. I was so self-conscious about this during the race, too! I heard someone that was spectating point it out as I ran by, and I felt embarrassed even though I had no control over what crazy number I got. Yikes!

This was the only half marathon I did during the year. I hope to do at least two in 2017, if not more.


July 2016: Firecracker 5K

Surprisingly, this was only the second time I’ve done a 4th of July race. I bought this sweet Nike shirt that was being sold in conjunction with the Olympics just to wear during this race. I love it.


September 2016: Saints 5K

I was excited to be able to go down and do the Saints 5K in New Orleans again. This was the first time we’d done it since its first year in 2012. Things were improved in that there were shirts cut differently for both men and women (my 2012 race shirt is unwearable for me because of the sizing), but since we didn’t pick up our packets until race morning, they were out of my husband’s size. He got a large and it was too big, so he just gave it to my dad. But I got my shirt, so yay! They also gave out medals to finishers, which wasn’t the case in 2012.


October 2016: Spooky Sprint

This was a very casual. $5 race done by the local running store. It was 2 miles basically from the store through a nearby neighborhood and back. No official timing, no bibs, no fanfare. They did provide water. We also got a T-shirt that looked like this:


December 2016: Downtown Christmas Run

This was the second year in a row we were able to do this Tuesday night run. It’s through downtown Shreveport, with all of the Christmas decorations and lights up to enjoy. I really like this one.


So that’s it! If I had to say what race goals I have this year, they’re not lofty. As I said, at least two half marathons hopefully. If I am in a position to train for a winter marathon, that would have to be decided by this summer. There is a 5K at the end of this month I’m interested in. I’m just playing it by ear, but I do feel I have rediscovered my love of running in recent months, whereas I had been pretty apathetic for awhile.

I did six miles in the rain on New Year’s Eve, and it made me feel hopeful for the upcoming year.



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