Donut Dash 5K


There were two 5Ks in town this weekend to choose from, and after about five seconds of internal debate, I chose the much smaller one that offered doughnuts at the end.  That was kind of easy.


This race started and ended at a brewery in downtown Shreveport, with doughnuts at each water stop as well as at the end. For beer drinkers, a free pint of beer was also offered at the brewery for each runner post-race.

My goal for this race was to beat my Firecracker 5K time of 29:07. It was much hotter for this race than the 4th of July!

Hunter and I started off together, but he hasn’t really been running lately, so I kind of left him in my dust in the third mile 😉 There were several rolling hills on this course, which made it quite the challenge. I also regretted wearing a shirt that was 50% cotton. That was a rookie mistake!


My chip time was 28:30, 37 seconds faster than Firecracker. I was 2nd in my age group, and the 1st place person in my age group was only 11 seconds faster than me. There were 120 participants, and I finished 41st.


Hunter finished in 29:09, so I took a picture of him (in the red) approaching the finish line. He told me he totally could have passed me, but he would have then collapsed and died. :p


After the race, everyone was able to go into the brewery for some A/C and refreshments. Hunter took this hilarious/gross photo of me eating a doughnut:


After the race, I ran home and showered, had some coffee and a green smoothie, then headed to the cat rescue I volunteer at every weekend. I was there until about 4:30 and was extremely exhausted by the time the day was done. Sleep came easy last night!

I have some races in August and the fall on my radar, but all are 10Ks or longer, so I might be done with 5Ks for the foreseeable future. We’ll see.


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