Weekly Recap: Heat Wave

Sometimes I really hate summer. This past week was one of those times. It seemed like we were under a heat advisory almost every day. It would be 7 p.m. and the temperature would still be 90+ degrees with a heat index of over 100. Blah! I made a goal before this week to run 20 miles total, and because of the heat it took more runs than originally planned, but I did it.

Monday, Ran 4 miles, 9:50 pace


Wednesday, Ran 4 miles, 10:23 pace


I wanted to run 5 miles, but this was one of the worst heat advisory days and it was brutal, even though I started around 6 p.m. I decided to cut it a little short and try again the next day. This was my first run with my new Garmin Forerunner 230. I love it!

Thursday, Ran 3 miles, 10:03 pace


Again I set out with the intention to run 5 miles, and not only was it still horribly hot, but I felt extremely fatigued and my legs were heavy. It was a struggle just to get to 3 miles 😦

Saturday, Ran 2 miles, 8:58 pace


On Saturday I spent all day volunteering at the animal shelter, but I wanted to get 2 miles in quickly so that I would hit my 20-mile goal after my longer run on Sunday.  So after I got home around 5, I quickly changed and went out to do 2 “fast” miles (for me right now) around the neighborhood. Worked up a good sweat, then spent the rest of the evening resting.

Sunday, Ran 7 miles, 10:12 pace


To check the weather this morning and see 73 degrees at 8 a.m. was like heaven. The heat index was only a little over 80, and there was a slight breeze.


For this run, I decided to try Tailwind in my water. The mandarin orange flavor tasted great, it dissolved well in my water, and as I drank it throughout my run, I felt myself gaining energy.

My first mile was very sluggish at 10:50 pace, and I was surprised at how slow I was running at first, because it didn’t *feel* that slow. But the longer I ran, and I guess the more the Tailwind kicked in, I got up the confidence to push harder and my last mile was 9:17!

7 MILES.jpg


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