Taking Inventory

As I prepare to start marathon training and running longer, I decided to go through my huge duffel bag full of running stuff to see what kind of fuel I already have on hand. Though I usually stuck to the same products in the past (PowerBar gel and Powerade or Gatorade drinks), I have so much stuff and I don’t think it will hurt to try out new products during training that might be even better than what I’m used to.

I subscribed to StrideBox for almost two years, through which I got tons of samples, gels, drink mixes, etc., every month. I also have stuff I bought and then never used, so I took everything out and organized it all by type.


I am going to do my best to use fuel I already have before buying anything else. Some of this is expired, so I might run out sooner than I’d like to. But this is a pretty nice stash! Gels, nut butter, jelly beans, chews, even performance gum (?), which I have never tried. I also have salt capsules and ginger chews left over from previous training cycles.

drink mixes

Though as previously stated I usually like to drink only Powerade or Gatorade during training runs, I plan to use up all of the Tailwind for sure. I will try some of the other powder samples as well – none of the flavors sound disgusting, so that’s a plus!

I organized everything into Ziploc bags, and my duffel is also overflowing with samples of anti-chafing gel, Biofreeze and other similar products, KT tape, and more. I think I’m ready to go!


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